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15 Style Tips for Short and Chubby Guys

by Teni Wada

Shopping is a daunting task, especially when it seems like current trends are not suited for guys who are short and chubby. Off-the-rack clothing can overpower your frame and draw attention to your short stature and weight. It can be tempting to just find something, anything as long as it fits, and call it a day. However, just because you're stout and hefty doesn't mean you’re banished to wearing oversized, lifeless, and baggy clothing for the rest of your life.

With a little bit of effort and tweaking of your  current wardrobe, you can pull off the latest trends. Whether you want to create the illusion of height, a slimmed down appearance, or simply want to present the best version of you, here’s 15 style tips for short and chubby guys that will have you looking sharp. Incorporate these basic guidelines into your wardrobe and your sense of style will immediately improve!

1. Avoid baggy and oversized clothing

While you think you are covering up, you are instead visually adding weight to your frame.

2. Say “no” to skinny-fit

Skinny-fit and/or tight clothing should be equally avoided. They flatter only a few body types.

  • 3. Go for the waist

  • Shorts and trousers should fit at your natural waist- not below your tummy

    4. Clothes should fit at the biggest or widest part of your body

    It’s much easier to get clothes taken in.

  • 5. Skip the belt

  • Belts will only create unsightly bulges and give the appearance of ill-fitting pants. Try suspenders instead.

    6. Avoid bold patterns

    They’ll only overpower you. Stick to solids and small patterns, and add colors with your accessories.

  • 7. Go custom made

  • This is especially true for suits. Bespoke clothing is a great choice for someone with unconventional measurements.

    8. Get your clothing tailored

    You might wince at the cost, but getting your shirts, jackets, and trousers tailored creates clothing fit to your body.

    9. Research speciality brands

    Just as there are shops that specialize in clothing for petite women, there are clothing retailers for men of your stature.

    10. Dress to add height to your frame

    While not all shorter guys want to create the illusion of height, it can certainly help if you want to experiment with the latest trends.

    11. Shop online

    Some online shops specialize in specific sizes. Other shops allow you to create a user profile with your body measurements. This way you will be able to find everything you’re looking for while browsing one shop

    12. Stay away from horizontal stripes

    They draw the eye to the widest parts of your body. Instead, go for vertical details like zippers and stripes. These will draw the eye upward.

  • 13. Black is the new black

  • Ever wonder why women swear by the “little black dress”? It’s because black and dark colors like navy, charcoal gray, and brown have a slimming effect. Dress in one color and you’ll slenderize. and elongate your frame.

  • 14. Lighten up your pockets

  • Putting your wallet, keys, and phone in your pockets will only add extra bulk. Get a stylish bag to store it all in.

    15. Show off your personality!

    This is where accessories and shoes come in. Throw in a bit of color with unconventional footwear, a tie, or headgear.

    By now, you’ve figured out what works for your frame as a short and chubby guy. There’s a whole new world of fashion out there waiting for you, so are you ready? Start shopping at the right stores, get your clothes tailored, splurge on a custom made suit, and add a few accessories.

    In no time, your sense of style will dramatically improve. Don’t let your size define you -- you can have fun experimenting with trends and look good at the same time. Stick with these 15 style tips to upgrade your wardrobe, and you’ll be able to navigate the racks and online shops with ease.

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    About Author

    Teni WadaAfter studying abroad in Tokyo, Teni Wada returned to pursue her dream of working in the Japanese fashion industry. She’s spent 5 years working for fashion brands and in the iconic Shibuya 109 shopping mall. In her latest role as a content creator, she now incorporates her fashion retail experience to write fashion and style tips, as well as Japan shopping guides. While her Twitter is filled is baseball and parenting memes, you can find out more about her Tokyo life at or on Instagram


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