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KARAKURI TAMASHII X the HokutoNoKen 35th Anniversary Collection

Can’t get enough of classic Japanese animation? Here’s your chance to show your devotion to a cult hit from the 80s: The Fist of the North Star.

To celebrate the 35th anniversary of this classic manga turned anime, Japanese clothing brand Karakuri Tamashii has released several pieces and they’re available for purchase here at Big Tall Japan!




Before we dive into the four pieces of this collection, let’s take at what continues to drive Hokuto No Ken’s popularity decades after its debut.

 Initially released between 1983 and 1988 as 245 individual chapters in Weekly Shonen Jump,  Hokuto no Ken (Fist of the North Star) is the story of Kenshiro, a warrior and the successor of Hokuto Shin Ken, a deadly martial art. Hokuto No Ken is set in a post-apocalyptic wasteland, and Ken restores balance to the chaos by fighting against bandits, warlords, and his rivals to protect the innocent.


the Hokuto No Ken


With a battle cry of ATATATATATATATATATATATATATATATATATA! as he pummels his opponents before cooly stating Omae wa mou shindeiru (You’re already dead), Kenshiro’s signature lines live on 35 years later in a stylish collaboration with Karakuri Tamashii.

 Karakuri Tamashii creates everyday wear with a twist. Its elaborately detailed, eye-catching pieces use embroidery and vivid prints to showcase distinctive Japanese motifs, patterns, and designs.

 Quality and craftsmanship go hand and hand with the Karakuri Tamashii brand, making each item of clothing highly durable. You won't regret indulging yourself as the detailed embroidery and stunning Japanese artwork sets Karakuri Tamashii leagues apart from other Japanese brands.

 The Karakuri Tamashii Hokuto No Ken Collection is available in sizes 3L to 6L and features the Japanese imagery and quality embroidery that give Karakuri Tamashii clothing its signature look. Once you’ve seen the Hokuto no Ken items in our collection, you’ll definitely want them all!

Karakuritamashii Hokuto No Ken Raoh Black House T-shirt

This black T-shirt's back side shows The Supreme Ruler, Raoh, riding his beloved black horse. On the front side reads Raoh's famous line "I have no regrets for the life I had lived!" written in Japanese. The color is Black and Gold with, as always for Karakuri Tamashii, beautifully embroided designs. Be a conquer, get ready to rule the world!

Karakuritamashii Hokuto No Ken Raoh Black House T-shirt

Karakuritamashii Hokuto No Ken Kenshiro T-shirt

 Kenshiro is the rightful successor of Hokuto Shinken. The front side is designed with the symbolic seven scars while on the back, Mount Fuji is erupting. The savior triumphs amidst the end of the world in the wild wave. 

W Karakuritamashii Hokuto No Ken Kenshiro T-shirt

 Karakuri Tamashii Hokuto No Ken Raoh Jumper Jacket

The end of the world never looked so good! One one side of this embroidered and reversible satin jacket, Supreme Ruler Raoh rides his elephant-sized steed Kokuou to his next conquest. The reverse side features his signature phrase, Waga shougai ni ippen no kuinashi (I have no regrets).  This style of jacket is known as a sukajan, the Japanese term for the embroidered bomber jackets sported in the postwar years by American GIs stationed in Yokosuka.

 Karakuritamashii Hokuto No Ken Raoh Jumper Jacket

Karakuritamashii Hokuto No Ken Towel

KARAKURI TAMASHII presents two master figures: Choose between Kenshiro and Roah. Both are designed with beautiful Japanese sakura. Not to mention, the best quality of Cotton. A rare collaboration piece, highly recommended by Big Tall Japan!

Karakuritamashii Hokuto No Ken Towel

Karakuritamashii Hokuto No Ken Towel


 Which of these Karakuri Tamashii Hokuto No Ken pieces have caught our eye and have made it to your wishlist? These collector’s items celebrate the 35th anniversary of a classic manga all while creating an effortlessly stylish look that will surely stand out. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to get yours-- browse our Karakuri Tamashii Hokuto No Ken collection today!


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