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Soul Sports x NJPW Tracksuit Review

Some of the best-selling products here at BTJ are our exclusive range of big and tall NJPW tracksuits. Sold as a complete set, each of these items come as an official NJPW jacket and tracksuit pants combo that are not only striking to the eye, but also super comfortable to move around in!

NJPW Tracksuit at Japanese Shrine - BIG TALL JAPAN

Here, we take a closer look at a personal favorite from our Soul Sports x NJPW collection—this fiery red and white tracksuit. While available in sizes XXL through to 5XL, we'll be focusing on the most popular XXL size.

Tracksuit Jacket

Chest 23.6in (~60cm)
Sleeve Length 22.8in (~58cm)
Neck to Waist Length 31.4in (~80cm)
Waist Circumference 42.5in (~108cm)

The first thing you'll notice about both the jacket and pants is their impressive fire engine red coloring, which NJPW fans may have noticed on a number of wrestlers at events such as G1 CLIMAX XXI or WRESTLE KINGDOM 7

NJPW Tracksuit Jacket - BIG TALL JAPAN

The jacket is made from 100% polyester, which makes it sturdy, but surprisingly lightweight and breathable at the same time. The polyester fabric is also stretchy without losing its shape and is quick to absorb and dry any excess sweat.

NJPW Tracksuit Jacket - BIG TALL JAPAN

The neck area and wrist areas are fitted with super-stretchy ribbed elastic, which like the rest of the fabric doesn’t lose shape even when stretched to the max, and the two-way zipper can endure multiple zips without snagging.

NJPW Tracksuit Jacket Unzipped - BIG TALL JAPAN

The jacket also features two deep zippable pockets on each side which are handy for storing small or even medium-sized items when on the go, and the shoulders and sleeves are reinforced with Soul Sports branded taping to prevent any accidental rippage.

NJPW Tracksuit Jacket - BIG TALL JAPAN

NJPW fans won't be disappointed: this jacket lets you show off your love of Japanese pro wrestling loud and proud thanks to its added designs. On the front you're greeted by the official NJPW lion logo as a 3D embroidered badge on the left section of the chest, while the SOUL SPORTS logo can be found on the right.

NJPW Tracksuit Back Logo - BIG TALL JAPAN

However, the icing on the cake is located on the back of the jacket, where the embroidered white NJPW logo takes up a massive amount of space—11in (30cm) long and 14in (37cm) wide across the shoulder blades!

NJPW Tracksuit Complete - BIG TALL JAPAN

Tracksuit Pants

Waist Circumference 36.2in (~92cm)
Waist to Groin 15.7in (~40cm)
Groin to Ankle 27.5in (~70cm)
Thigh Width 13.7in (~35cm)
Total Leg Length  41.3 (~105cm)

Unlike the jacket that is color-blocked with red, black, and white, the pants are a solid red accented with Soul Sports taping on the outer left and right sides.

NJPW Tracksuit Pants - BIG TALL JAPAN

Like the jacket, however, the pants are also made from 100% polyester and carry with them the same benefits of being stretchy, lightweight, and sweat-absorbent. They also feature deep side pockets, as well as a right-side back pocket for added convenience.

NJPW Tracksuit Pants Ankle Hole - BIG TALL JAPAN

The elasticized waistband is strong and can be stretched around any size waist, and is fitted with drawstrings on the inside for when you need a more snug fit—like when exercising or playing sports.

NJPW Tracksuit Waistband - BIG TALL JAPAN

A similar elastic drawstring is featured at the ankles: by holding down the attached tightener and pulling it towards the outer hem the ankle opening tightens, while pulling it inside it loosens.

NJPW Tracksuit Pants Bottom - BIG TALL JAPAN

Similar to the jacket, the pants are adorned with badges on the front—the official NJPW logo located just above the left knee and the Soul Sports logo above the right. Unlike the jacket, however, the back of these pants is kept simple; with no additional embroidery or design added.

NJPW Tracksuit Pants Top - BIG TALL JAPAN

Whether you’re active, an NJPW superfan, or just enjoy the overall comfort of tracksuits, this fun piece of official NJPW merch is a great addition to your wardrobe, especially for something you can throw on whenever you see fit.

NJPW Tracksuit at a Japanese Shrine - BIG TALL JAPAN

Buy NJPW Tracksuit Now - BIG TALL JAPAN

For even more official NJPW sportswear including windbreakers, raglan tees, and more tracksuit color and design variations, check out our NJPW merch collection now!


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