BIG TALL JAPAN offers ready-made clothes from exclusive Japanese brands for big and tall sized men up to 200cm (6'5") tall, and up to a 170cm (66in) waist. Larger than your average L, XL, or even XXL? We've got you covered!

We are also an official NJPW shop, offering exclusive big sized NJPW merch —such as shirts and hoodies in sizes up to 10L—that you won’t find anywhere else.

Our other big and tall products include exclusive Japanese brands and merchandise, including Dragon Ball Z and ONE PIECE shirts, as well as big sized traditional Japanese kimono, yukata, and jinbei.

All of our products are specially tailored for bigger and taller bodies, and everything from T-shirts and underwear right down to accessories and more are available. We're constantly updating and adding to our range, with new products being added regularly. 

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Meet the Team

Based in Tokyo, BIG TALL JAPAN are a company dedicated to bringing the best of big and tall Japanese fashion for men to the world.

Nobuhiko - BIG TALL JAPANNobuhiko


The driving force and manager of BIG TALL JAPAN, NJPW megafan Nobuhiko began the service with the aim of introducing Japan’s best big and tall brands to the world.

Favorite Brand: Soul Sports x NJPW

Patrick - BIG TALL JAPANPatrick


Big and tall himself, Patrick works on the backend of BJT and hopes that other similar-sized big and tall otaku find their favorite Japanese merchandise on BIG TALL JAPAN.

Favorite Brand: SHELTY

Tsukasa - BIG TALL JAPANTsukasa


As the web director of BJT, Tsukasa takes the lead in the direction that the store goes. Although it’s hard to pick a firm favorite, one of her preferred brands is BUDEN SHOUTEN, because she loves all things kawaii.

Favorite Brand: BUDEN SHOUTEN

Brandon - BIG TALL JAPANBrandon


The mastermind behind BJT’s range of videos and photos, Brandon—also known as Big Tall James—is a lover of Japanese culture and anime, with his favorite item being his Dragon Ball Z tee.

Favorite Brand: B ONE SOUL

Libera - BIG TALL JAPANLibera


With digital paintbrush in hand, Libera uses her skills and active imagination to create the illustrations that add a dash of color to BIG TALL JAPAN's lookbook.